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COD: TO331114 EAN: 819835022978


Materiale: PLA
Linea: Gaia
Colore / Fragranza: Rosa / Fucsia
Tipo Batteria: Tipo AAA
Diametro: 1,2
Taglia / Dimensione: 6.5cm - 2.6inch
This pleasure-packed petite vibe is crafted from Biofeel, a plant-based material. Enjoy quiet, powerful one speed vibrations controlled with an easy push button. You’ll love the power of this smooth bullet and take comfort knowing that Gaia Eco Bullet uses less energy and creates less greenhouse gas emission than any other sex toy on the market! This adorable vibe is available in three colors. It's waterproof, fun in the tub, and easy to clean. Requires 1 AAA battery.

  • Length 3.5 inch / 8,8 cm
  • Width 0.75 inch / 1,9 cm
  • 1 Speed
  • Push button operation
  • Biodegradable
  • Tested IPX7 submersible waterproof for bathtime play and convenient cleaning
  • Requires 1 AAA battery, not included
  • Phthalate, latex, and fragrance free Bioplastic
🌱♻️ 🌎 Download Gaia FAQ

What makes Gaia an eco-friendly, sustainable product?
Gaia is the first collection of sustainable made vibrators, made of Blush’s proprietary materials BioFeelTM, a non-petroleum plant-based bioplastic, a polymer compound mixed with plant-based material, and BioTouchTM, a natural rubber material with great high tensile strength and tear resistance for long-lasting durability. The non-petroleum-based materials such as natural rubber and bioplastic are a far better choice for the environment than synthetic rubber or plastic. Additionally, these materials are mindfully sourced from sustainable and responsible farmers.

What is BioFeelTM?
BioFeelTM is Blush’s unique plant-based bioplastic, a polymer compound material mixed with plant-based materials. This material is the perfect choice for a vibrator since it is nonporous, making it body safe and easy to clean. It looks and plays like any hard plastic toy. Blush’s BioFeelTM is smooth to the touch, and is made from at least 35% sustainable non-petroleum based plant matter (wheat). Other manufacturers are using 100% petroleum based plastic. By using a natural plant based material, Blush is creating less greenhouse gases. This makes our products more sustainable and better for the environment.

What is BioTouchTM?
BioTouchTM is Blush’s proprietary version of natural rubber material. It meets strict mechanical and chemical requirements and is sturdy, but soft enough for pleasure products. It has high tensile strength and tear resistance ensuring your toy will go the distance with you. BioTouchTM is nonporous, making it body safe and easy to clean. BioTouchTM is coated with our proprietary silicone based Ultrasilk® for a satin smooth feel.

What does petroleum free mean?
Products that are free of petroleum are not oil-based. The plant-based part of PLA is petroleum free and our natural rubber is petroleum free.

What can I do with my toy when I’m done with it?
Your Gaia vibrator can be dismembered and specific parts can be taken to different commercial compo facilities. The batteries, motor and the shell must be separated.

How is the charging cord eco-friendly?
Gaia’s charging cord is wrapped in cotton instead of plastic and has a BioFeelTM head instead of a traditional plastic head.

How is the new packaging more eco-friendly?
Gaia’s new packaging is made from craft paper without any spot UV or foil, which are petroleum based and processed, making the paper harder to recycle. The ink we use on our new Gaia packaging is soy based, natural ink!

How long does it take Gaia to compost?
Under composting conditions, the shell composes in approximately 2-3 years.

Will Gaia disintegrate in the body?
Gaia will absolutely not disintegrate in the body. Gaia products undergo strict third-party testing and are proven to be body-safe.

What are the benefits of buying a Gaia product over another vibe?
Gaia products are more sustainable and better for our planet. Because they are crafted from plant-based materials, the production of Gaia products uses less energy and creates fewer greenhouse gases. Gaia vibes are powerful, high quality and they’re adorable!
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